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  • We are very exciting DragonBones support our egret mobile game framework perfectly. It really provide those HTML5 game developers a great solution to quickly create their impressive amature animations

    7yue | Co-Founder, Egret Interactive | Egret
  • For complex character animation with serious tooling and Starling integration, look no further. You want DragonBones.

    Thibault Imbert | Group Product Manager | Adobe
  • I discovered Dragon Bones via a discussion in Adobe’s prerelease programs, and I became very excited. We are doing some investigations with the Flash/AIR platform using Starling and DragonBones provides an innovative pipeline solution for artists.

    Ross Przybylski | Engineering Manager | EA
  • Dragonbones gives intuitive code-level access to a variety of gameplay character animations. Furthermore, with its efficient control over the Starling texture atlas, it has resulted in lower game app package size as well as reduced overhead on limited device RAM.

    Matt Weier | Technology Director | Pixel Farm Digital
  • Now we can add 20 times more content filling the same amount of spritesheets! Same things and same code working in DisplayList and Starling! Smoooooooth animations, even in bullet-time mode! All of these are benefit from DragonBones!

    Michał Wróblewski | CTO | BLACK MOON DESIGN
  • We needed an animation solution for our Starling games. We first looked at Spriter but the animators did not like the UI. With DragonBones they can continue working in flash. DragonBones helped us reduce our file size and quickly produce animations.

    Alex Harrison | Senior game developer | COMPLETE CONTROL

Fully Integrate with Flash Pro and Starling

DragonBones contains a Flash Pro based design panel and an AS3 based library. The design panel converts Flash vector animation to texture atlas and the library call starling to GPU accelerated render the animation. With the benifit, animation creation related task can be fully handled by designers, and developers focus on the logic.

Free & Open Source (MIT License)

DrangonBones does not cost a dime. Download and use it right away — no strings attached. And because it is Open Source, you're always in control: step through the code and learn from its internals.

Amazing Performance

Instead of having giant "sprite sheets" for sequence frame based animation, the skeleton animation powered by Dragonbones can help you save lots of resource and memory consumption and boost the peformance!

Embraced by Adobe™, powered by the Community

Adobe supports the development of DragonBones and plans to further integrate it tightly into its tools. You get the best of both worlds: corporate commitment and a vivid community. DragonBones's community is praised for its friendliness and is always there for you when you need help — 24/7.