Adventure Role Playing IOS Game

    The Legend of the Kiki Beast is an episodic puzzle adventure game for iOS and Android. ShipAntics stars a madcap crew of seafaring adventurers: Captain Fred, the warm-hearted skipper of the Barnacle, Amanda his precocious, wild and wide-eyed daughter, and Otto, a cheeky young tall-tale touting Octopus. Your orders are to help Amanda and Otto as they venture into the wild blue yonder, solving mysteries and puzzles with Fred and the rest of the crew of the Barnacle. Discover more about ShipAntics at

    Author(Studio POWWOW): We are huge fans of DragonBones here at Studio POWWOW. We use it extensively in the development of ShipAntics for all our in-game character animation. We also found it to be an amazing tool for creating UI and even as a level editor. We could not have created the game we wanted if it was not for this tool! Thanks to the DragonBones Team for all the amazing work!

    Adventure Role Playing IOS Game

    Zombie Hearts Chicken is an endless runner where your progress is measured no in distance, but in how many chickens you can eat before dying! You are a hungry Zombie loose on a farm, and ZOMBIE HEARTS CHICKEN! Tap and Swipe to eat chickens, jump over pits, avoid, bombs and more! Trailer...

    Author(drMikeyStudios): Dragonbones saved me a bunch of time in the development process. It was easy to get up and running, and being able to keep sprite sheets small and use skeletal animation was fantastic. It's fast, efficient and just plain awesome.

    Adventure Role Playing IOS Game

    Explore a fantastic new world where you battle and collect adorable monsters called Boonies! Upgrade your Boonies and teach them new tricks! Feed them, wash them, and play with them to keep them happy! Create your own legendary family of Boonies that will be known and admired throughout the Boonieverse! Connect with your friends and earn free furcoins and crystals that you can use to upgrade your Boonies and buy cute and crazy accessories. More Detail...

    Author(MovieStarPlanet): We use DragonBones for all our Boonie animations. It is easy to use and export in formats and resolutions needed. When rigged correctly, it is also really great to copy behaviors from one character to another. Also, from art departments point of view it is a quite intuitive tool, that is easy to get accustomed with.

    Social Web Game

    MovieStarPlanet is an online social network with creative game play features aimed at 8-13 year olds. Users can immerse themselves into the virtual world by creating their own expressive movie star-like avatars. In this creative online space, users are encouraged to direct their own movies, make artbooks, decorate their rooms and share all of their content with their friends.

    Author(MovieStarPlanet): We use DragonBones for both the web and tablet platforms and we mainly use it for characters face and body parts. It's really easy to use even without previous experience!

    Shooting Android/Web Game

    Web version link

    Revenge of Robots is a fast-paced action defense game with cool metal theme. 50 waves,9 upgrades,14 rewards,3 item props. Get more free coins with in-game sharing button(fb,twiiter). Shoot robots as many as you can and do not forget to upgrade!

    Author(DragonGamesStudio): We use DragonBones to make all the robots in the game. It is really easy to make animations in DragonBones. The most important thing is that we want to make two versions of the game web and mobile. It is really easy to port it into these two platform. Just change the native factory to starling factory. The performance on mobile is perfect. We will use it to make more games. Good luck, DragonBones!

    Tower Defense IOS/Android Game

    Android version link

    The Last Castle is a brand new tower defense game. Besides building towers and producing solders, you also need to fight by youself! Strenth and magic full fill the gaming world. Weather also can affect the blance of the war.

    Author(Xin Ma): 这是我制作的第一款游戏。作为开发者,我对角色动画几乎没有任何经验。我是在几小时内掌握DragonBones这个动画工具开始用它制作动画的,并且在几周内达到了比较熟练的水准。这使我敢于独自挑战制作一款以动画角色为主要内容的手机游戏。我相信专业动画师能做的更快更好。另外DragonBones使制作生动的动画变得极为容易。比如人物跑动中关节冲击对躯体震动的缓冲如此复杂而精妙的细致动作,只需要调节几个参数,准确的说是两个滑块就能做到。这使我非常震惊和愉快,事实上整个开发过程最愉快的部分就是用DragonBones制作动画了。
    ( This is the first game I made. As a developer, I almost have no experience on creating character animations. I learned DragonBones within several hours and get more experienced within a few weeks. It make me become very confident to create a mobile game which its main content is character animation by myself. I believe professional animators can do it faster and better. Besides, it becomes extremely easy to creating a vivid animation with DragonBones. Just adjust two bars, you can create a very sophisticated animations such as joint assault impact body easing when people running. It makes me shocking and happy. Actually using DragonBones is the happiest thing for me during the whole gaming creation process. )

    Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing Web Game

    Ghost Legend is a multiplayer online RPG based on Immortal and Hero theme. Fresh and colorful scenes and touching stories achieve your own martial arts dream.

    Author(Happy Interactive Team): DragonBones helped us great reduce the amount of assets and increase the game loading speed. Also DragonBones make charactors' animation play more smoothly.

    Children's IOS Game

    Astro Menu - the best app for your kids! Educate your kids about healthy food. Grab vegetables and fruit to unlock next levels.Let your kids learn about unhealthy food habits. Take them on a journey into the colorful and beautifully illustrated world of Astro Menu!

    Author(WideOpen): We use DragonBones for create character animation in this game. It is a perfect tool even for facial expressions. Save time and reduce app size. But the true power of DragonBones is great Design Panel, animators love it.

    Physical Puzzle IOS/Android Game.

    Android version link

    Hippocross is a physical puzzle game with adorable animals. There are 5 silly animals to choose from. Each animals has their own special abilities to help you advance the game. Use the animals to catch the gorilla in the cage.

    Author(Ninja Drive): DragonBones helped us to reduce development time, also allowing us to make smooth animations. Thanks for DragonBones Team. It is really perfect!

    Children's IOS Game

    Cartoonitos and the Beanstalk is designed for children aged 2-8 years old and features 15 individual games. These require skills such as matching shapes, recognizing symmetry and general problem solving.

    Author(Complete Control): DragonBones helped us keep our file size down, whilst also allowing us to quickly produce animations that would have taken an impractical amount of time to code by hand.

    Puzzle/Matching IOS Game

    Dr. Woo’s Twisted Clone Shop is a game in which you attempt to clone various animals, anything from a gold fish to a unicorn. Work your way through over a dozen genetic experiments, but watch out for mutations and other stuffs!

    Author(Pixel Farm): DragonBones helped us reduce the size of our animations in memory to the point that it made it possible create the game the way we wanted without worrying about crashing the game on the device.

    Multiplayer Strategy Class IOS game

    Captain Crazy is a multiplayer strategy game which developed by Shanghai Jinsi Network Technology Co., Ltd. There are beautiful game screen, typical American style, original high degree freedom of customization formation and thousands of battle strategy combinations. Thank DragonBones making all this become reality.

    "Rock'em Sock'em" Style Fighting Game

    The Robot Combat League online game is a "Rock'em Sock'em" style fighting game which uses the DragonBones armature tools in order to provide a great fighting experience. Developed by ReycoGames, RCL also incorporates smart artificial intelligence where the computer controlled opponent becomes more challenging based on a history of the player controlled bot.

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